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Where to meet girls-part 2

Here is second part of our article Where to meet girls.

Enjoy your reading and pls take some action towards your way on becoming natural payer.

Workplace or School/College. This is a more relaxed atmosphere for seducing women because you are not under time constraints. If you can't get her hotter than hot for you today, you can talk to her again tomorrow. You'll have much better opportunities to get to know her. In addition, if you work or study closely together for an extended period of time chances are that you will become attracted to each other anyway.

Personals. [A word of warning about personals - they will never get you the experience of actually approaching and getting the attention of the woman you want because a meeting arranged through personals simply skips this important phase. So although meeting women this way might feel easier initially, ultimately you will never learn the skills that really make the difference]

Is this too low for you? Is it beneath you? Hell no. Whether it's newspaper personals, telephone personals, video personals or Internet personals and chat rooms, they offer you excellent opportunities to meet a lot of women to practice your skills.

With the exception of video personals the drawback is the fact that you don't really know what the person looks like. But that's not a problem. It shouldn't be your goal to meet someone to seduce right away. This is nothing but an avenue for you to get practice and experience talking to women. But if things click for you why not go for it anyway? If she turns out to be butt ugly just tell her that as shallow as this seems, without the physical attraction things aren't going to go anywhere between you two and move on.

Now when placing these personals you can attract a whole lot of women with some catchy headline and be bothered with a lot of replies that get you nowhere wasting your time. Or you can be very specific and discriminating about who you are what you look like and what you're looking for. Feel free to include any characteristics they may find unappealing. This will eliminate a lot of women who might otherwise reply but the ones who do reply are more likely to end up somewhere because they already know what to expect from you and are willing to accept it.

Better yet, read a lot of the women's personals and try to model yours after them.

As an added dirty trick, you can place a personal as a woman seeking a man to get a lot of good ideas from other men who reply to it. Most of them will be really bad but once in a while there will be one that will catch your eye and curiosity. When you reply to a woman's personal ad try out these other ideas to see if they work. If they work, you learned something new. If they don't work, move on.

An example of a personals ad. ASF:

"Isn't attraction incredible? Imagine relaxing into strong arms holding you, feeling safe and appreciated and intimate, knowing you're exactly where you belong... I'm educated, successful, emotionally mature, and I know what I want. My work keeps me busy, but I make time for travel, dining out, music (very diverse tastes), and anything new and interesting. I'm tall, in great shape, with green eyes and dark wavy hair (picture available). Looking to meet a woman who's smart, honest, and loves to laugh. Now tell me all about you..."

A few more US-specific places and times to meet women. Speed Seduction» newsletter, Ross Jeffries:

Restaurants with attached bars: These places are often great Tuesday to Thursday nights, around 6 - 8:30 PM. Especially upscale places, they cater to a professional crowd. Some VERY nice looking women looking to unwind after work. Also often these places serve as a meeting ground for women having bacheleorette parties.

Coffee houses: like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Tea Leaf etc. Great from 8 - 10:30 AM every day of the week. After 9 AM you are more likely to get women who work in retail, outside sales like pharmaceutical reps, self-employed, students etc.

Supermarkets: M - F noon to around 1:30 PM as women on their lunch hours pop into buy things. Monday to Thursday 6 - 8:30 PM, Saturdays 10 AM to noon, same for Sundays.

Shopping malls: This is a no brainer. If they have a good food court and are near offices, then noon til 1:30 PM, M - F. Hit the food courts and forget most of the rest of the stores. Other good times: Tues - Thurs 6:30 - 8 PM and Sat afternoons.

Self-improvement seminars: Such seminars are LOADED to the gunwales with good-looking, SUGGESTIBLE women who are totally open to the type of themes discussed in any good Speed Seduction» pattern. Same with most of the self-help gurus. Christ, ya don't even have to sign up. Just find out where they are being held, hang out in the lobby of the hotel and swoop in on the HB's during the coffee, pea and dinner breaks.

Gyms: The women are in awesome shape and usually quite adventurous.

Yoga Classes: Unbelievable amounts of hard-bodied, wildy well-shaped women. Take a beginners class if you've never done it before and you'll met lots of women, who are also VERY suggestible and open to "new ways" of thinking.

Johnny Shack (http://showgirls.com.au):
Sporting clubs and associations: "These areas are very good for meeting single women. You find out easily which women are single and you can talk with them easily because you have a similar interest. What could be easier? There is immediate conversation to talk about and its enough to get to know each other enough to work out: "Am I attracted to this person or not?"

Now the footy club [Australian football?] is maybe not the best place for hunting women but a netball club that has mixed competitions definitely is. Gymnasiums are good to. Women at gyms will talk to any guy that talks to them. Everything is on your side in these places because the woman knows you are in the same club and therefore will not automatically be rude to you. Also it gives them a harmless excuse to talk with you without people thinking any sleaziness is going on. They may be waiting for you to say something."

Stay tuned...

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