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Gettting over your EX

This is the number one question I get asked most of the time - right after the question on how to win her back.

And it’s difficult to answer. How do you get over your ex girlfriend?

I guess that we have all been there at some point in our lives.

Relationship starts. Everything’s good. Suddenly, everything isn’t so good. And you break up. That’s life!

I have had my share of it, so I speak from experience here.

You have probably shared lots of good times, and now it’s gone.

No more holding hands, no more crawling in close when it’s cold outside, no more kisses under the moonlight, no more anything.

For some it’s easier to accept than others. But I don’t think anyone like breaking up.

For the first few days, after realizing the truth, you feel pretty awful. This is definitely the worst part of a break up, and also the part that defines your emotions for the next couple of weeks.

So how do you go about handling a break up?

Give yourself a time to be sad!

Find a place where you feel comfortable, relaxed, and which is far away from your ex. Take a moment to listen, and to be alone or with someone you trust. Remind yourself that, even worse than the pain of a breakup, is continuing a relationship that was not right for one or both of you. A good way to express your negative feelings is to start a diary and write them down. You will feel much better plus you won’t bother nobody with your story.

Plus it will be funny reading after few months :)

Don’t think of her and masturbate!

I know somehow it feels better when you do it, but in the long run and it focus all good emotions on her.

Renew old friendships and start new ones!

Start hanging out with your friends and meet other people will help you to realize that she’s not the only one who brings happiness and joy into your live.

Start dating new girls

Allowing yourself to seduce and let someone new into your life will make you realize that she’s not the only girl on the planet and probably no matter how great girl your ex is, she’s not a special snowflake.

Work out

It's scientifically proven that exercise improves your mood and alleviates depression, and the distraction will help keep your mind off your situation. Go running outside, visit (or join) the gym, or just go for a walk, maybe with a friend, and think of releasing the anger or sadness with every step

Retake control of your life and start improving yourself as a person

Read some good book, start workout, start writing your school degree, take that class you ve always wanted to take.

Don’t bother your friends, family or who ever want to listen to your sad story of brake up

I know it feels little better, but its waste of time and people only feel sorry for you and also they really cant help you, but I doubt that most of them want to listen to your story more than once.

Don’t contact your ex!

My advice is to delete all her contacts, so you wouldn’t be able to call her or write her in the state of paranoid, or delusion (read: drunk :).

If it’s over, it’s over, so there is no need for staying friends and lie to yourself that you can be that way.

Its hard and it probably should be that way, cause otherwise we would do same mistakes over and over and over again.

I bet you are much stronger than you think you are and this is the time to test your strength.

Remember there is always sunshine after the rain.

Stay strong and tuned...

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