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3 second rule-approach girls without effort

There are so many ways to seduce a and you might have heard of many of them already. Your friends might offer you some advice such as a good pickup line or where to go to find hot girls or some good tehnique to make chick interasting in you.

But all the tips and advice on the planet are useless if you fail at first hurdle.
And what exactly is that first hurdle, you might be thinking?

The first hurdle is the approach.

It all boils down to the approach!
If you don't approach a girl then you won't even get a chance to meet her her. You can forget about your dreams of to seduce the girl of your dreams if you don't even make the first move and, yes times may be a changing but guys still have to make the first move. So how come so many guys are afraidscared of making the first move?

Probably because you get thoughts into your head like:

- What am I going to say?

- Will she will think of me?

- What if she reject me?

- She must have a boyfriend!

All of these thoughts are normal but they can seriously hurt yourintent of approach if you don't get rid of them, and the best way to do so is to use the 3 second rule.
The man who came up with the idea call himself Mystery,so all credits goes to him..
It says that you must approach a girl within 3 seconds of seeing her.

So what is the advantage for you to act with such way?

- You don't have time to get overwhelming thoughts into your head.

- You will act and present your natural great personality without any planning.

- She will see you as a man of great confidence and someone who follow his dreams.

The 3 second rule is one of the best rules for you to have in your set of social skills but don't just think about it - get out there and do it!Every time you do it you will find it easie and soon enough, you'll be able to approach and seduce girls in such a natural way, that you wont even think about it.

Stay tuned for more tips

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