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Tonight I had the easiest pick up ever, and it all started with me walking to this hot blond girl and say a simple "Hello."

She looked up bit confused, expected me to say something more.

My follow-up was simply, "Do you think like meeting new interasting people in everyday places like this?.", followed by direct eye contact and a smile ffcourse

Her reply was something like "its ok",she smiled back

After that, she kept the conversation going. Not so hard, right?

Here was the key: I always made sure that she was reacting to me more than I was reacting to her.

When I first started speaking to her, I didnt care what she might think of me. My mindset was, "I'm just going through my day. But hey, if some beautiful woman wants to earn my attention, that's cool. If not, I'm going to enjoy my day just the same."

The mistake most of guys make is when he start a conversation with a girl is that he tries to get some reaction from her.

Often he tries too hard to make her laugh. Or he starts asking her weird questions that he shouldn't be interested in when speaking to a total stranger (e.g., "What's you major?" or "How has your day been today?")

This sets her up with a higher value than him.

You see, whenever you set a girl up with a higher value than you (like when you're trying to win her approval), this causes her to lose attraction for you.

In every conversation, there is always one person who is reacting more than the other. The person who reacts less is the more dominant, or alpha, person.

The person trying to win the other's approval is the one who's more attracted. So a girl will struggle to make small talk and keep the conversation going as long as your value is higher than hers.

Women are attracted to men who are a challenge for them. If at some point it becomes clear that you're trying to win her approval, then there's no longer a challenge for her and she loses interest.

Keep your alpha male status and stay in control of the situation right from the beginning. Make sure to not ever react too much to what a girl says.

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Internet dating is easiest way to start a conversation with a women.