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GET HER NUMBER – the fool proof methods of getting HER REAL number♦

One thing that is really being highly overrated in guy / girl relations is getting her number. Some guys thing that they need to spend whole night talking with her in a noisy club, buy her a drink or impress her in any other ways to obtain her phone number. I don’t blame them, I used to be that way too, and guess it’s one of those imprinted society things.

The good thing about that is that is not exactly the case, and that can be easily changed .Within next few lines I will give teach you how obtain a girls number within minutes spent with her

First let me mention that asking girl for a number really isn’t a big thing. And since it’s not a big thing, you shouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

Another really important thing that I feel I should mention is next one:

Getting the girls number especially for the first couple of times can be really great experience. But don’t think that is the end of the game and if you exchanged numbers that you found yourself a girl or a new girlfriend. I am not saying that there is no chance that she may become your girlfriend or girl that you hang out with, but at this stage she isn’t, and you will have to put some more work for that.

Two things are crucial for obtaining her number in early stages of seduction

First is being interesting.

For obvious reasons she has to find you at least little interesting in order to give you her number and want to see you again. And since most people nowadays are pretty dull and boring, getting impression of being funny and interesting guy is pretty easy to achieve.

Once when she gets that impression about you getting her number is only a matter of asking.

Second is being different.

When I am saying different I am not talking about doing something stupid or extremely romantic. What I have in mind is more like being challenging, confident, courageous. Girls love this type of guys, since most guys aren’t like that and even they have pretty monotonous life so guy like that brings flavor of refreshment.

So with all of that said you may ask yourself so what is a correct way to ask a girl for a number?

There is not right or wrong way of asking for it, but in years of testing I find out that some ways works better than others.

The fastest way and definitely the most courageous is to go extreme and direct here.

The idea is to stop the girl you like on the street, club or mall introduce yourself, tell her that you like her and ask for a number.

In reality it would be something like this:

You: hey stop for a second

Her: (I bet she is bit surprised but definitely she will stop, they always do J

You: Sorry for stopping you this way, but I really like you and I want to meet you, my name is Bon

Her: I am Carla

You: Well Carla it’s really nice to meet you (make a pause and look her in the eye until she say the same)

Her: It’s nice to meet you too

You: Look Carla, I really like you and I would like to meet you better, but I am in a hurry now, so Iets exchange numbers and meet for a cup of coffee sometimes soon.(pull out your phone and give it to her).

Some girls will say ok, some of them will be in doubts and some of them will give you no go sign. Its really hard to predict what they will say, but try to be persistent and you may get it.

For example if she say I have a boyfriend, tell her it’s ok, I just want to know you better. When she type her number give her a call, that way you will see if the number is real and she will have your number, so she may save it and answer when you call her.

Another and probably more exceptive way of doing it for most guys would be in a situation when they already talk with the girl, they meet within their social circle, or on some social gathering or wherever.

I admit it’s much easier that way and the chance she will give you her contact is much higher.

My advice to you is not to ask her for a number at the end of meeting, when it’s time to go home, but at the time when the energy of conversation is the highest and you have fun.

When do that you can save a kiss for an end , or in case that something unexpected happen you have safe base.

Just say something like:

You are so funny and hanging out with you is great, we should hang out sometimes. Give me your number and I shall call you sometimes.

Usually that goes smooth as butter.

In the case you have to go, you may say something like:

Hey I have to go, but we must finish this, it’s so much fun. Let’s exchange numbers and meet some time soon.

After taking her number CALL HER IMIDIATLEY! This way you will see if she gave you her real number, and also that she may save your number, so when you call her you won’t be stranger. You may also ask her if she will answer on your call, or she’s one of those girls who give their numbers away and later never answer on their phone

Those are couple of my standard lines, you may always come up with something of yours and I highly encourage you to do so, that way you will be much more congruent with what you are saying,but for start those should be fine.

Stay tuned for next article where I will write what to talk on the first phone call and set a date.

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