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Most guys live in conviction that in order to have girls or that particular dream girl you have to be rich and drive fancy bad ass car or be rock star that everyone wants to be around.
Luckily that is not a case and most girls are not that shallow.
So what it is you need to have to get the girls?
Well most girls and people in general like to be around people with certain qualities as human beings and that is exactly what this article is all about.
In next couple of lines I will try to explain those traits that I am sure most men already possess some of them and others has to be improved.

First and by far most mentioned is CONFIDENCE.

This is the big one, but the problem is that no one tells you what exactly confidence is.
Its the way you carry yourself, the way you act, the way you treat other people in one sentence that is your sense of entilenes and willingness to go for what you desire to have, without being apologetic about it.
This is the key to everything and its by far most important think to possess.
It’s not that hard to become a confident man that carry himself proudly once when you know where to look for and what aspects of your personality to improve.
In next serials of articles I will teach and challenge you to became exactly that- THE CONFIDEND MAN.
but for now lets move on down the list and see other things

Humor and playfulness

If you can make people laugh you will come far.
Especially the girls are the ones who likes to laugh a lot. It relief pressure, make people more relaxed and to enjoy more in your company.
It also tells people that you don’t take thinks too seriously and are bright and lighthearted person that enjoy yourself and company of others.

Having a standards

Knowing where you go in life, what you want from you, people arround you is also a major one.
Set strong boundaries what kind of behavior you will and will not accept from people is what sorty man from a boys.
Don’t just accept any cute girl that comes in your life.
Measure her carefully if she is the kind of a girl you will accept in your life, invest in relationship with her and grow with her.
That counts for all kinds of relationships not just romantic ones.
Same can be said for business partners ,friends and etc.
Off course to measure someone first you have to know what you really wont and that requires some extra work from your side.
But believe me you will be greatly rewarded by the effort you invest in it.

Dominance and determination to lead.

Most people don’t want to lead, they want to be leaded.
But not just by anyone, but by someone who knows where he is heading and is determination to successfully reach his destination/goal we can say.
But you can’t just come to someone and say "hey I am a born leader, follow me".
That requires people to trust you and believe in you.
So having that strong sense of self and being in sync with your inner compass is out of biggest importance here.

Having a vision- seeing your future

Most people don’t know what they want from life.
They just go trough life blinded and waiting for someone or something else to give them the sense of purpose.
By knowing your goals in life you set yourself apart from the 99% of the people of this planet.
And benefit of this is not being different from others but laying strong foundations for your future and building the road towards your success.
When you know your outcome gives you guide lines help you to achieve your goals quicker, meet other people with similar goals or the ones who already made that step

As you can see most of those traits have nothing to do with financial or any other sort of wealth most people think are required for being successful with girls. Most if not all of them are centered on yourself as a person and that means that if you invest enough effort into improving yourself and quality of your life you can be successful in pretty much all areas of your life.

Stay tuned for more tips.

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