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Last time I received mail from a friend with 11 rules listed below.

Unfortunately its not written by me , but anyways I believe its magnificent piece of information that greatly present healthy approach from men perspective to all pickup and dating scene.

So, here are 11 rules…

Rule #1. Don’t care what she’s thinking.

That doesn’t mean don’t try to understand women in general, it means don’t care what a specificchick is thinking at any specific time. Just don’t care. If you do, you’ll be thinking for 2 peoplewhile she may very well be thinking for nobody. Just let it go. What you may be thinking aboutwhat’s on her mind is ONLY what you think is going on, most likely totally wrong anyway.

Stop thinking what she’s thinking and stop thinking FOR her. You’ll end up with less worries, havetwice the brainpower available for yourself, and will come across as more direct and powerful.

A word of note here that the first thing out of David’s mouth when he sat down at the table was tolook at us all and call us pussies. "If you don’t have any balls, what do you have left? You’re allpussies!"

The next set of rules is more self-explanatory and I’ve tried to order them in rank of importance.Beyond Rule#1, David didn’t present the following as rules but rather just major pieces of theneeded attitudes to get a PU done properly (and closed properly). I’ll elaborate where necessary.

Rule #2. Don’t forget rule #1.

Rule #3. Follow through.

That means, if you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you get her worked up over

something you are going to do with or to her, follow through. If you don’t follow through, womenwill hate you for it.

Rule # 4. Have control. Keep control.

You either have control or you don’t. And if you have control, you can either keep it or not. Sowhen you have control, keep it.

Rule #5. Make rules and stick to them.

These are YOUR rules. Things like "I don’t tolerate no-shows." or "I’ll say something ONCE - I donot repeat myself." Don’t be afraid to tell chicks your rules as long as you know you won’t breakthose rules in front of them. Most guys don’t have any rules so you will, at minimum, set yourselfapart.

Rule #6. Don’t break your own rules, ever.

Once you break one of your own rules in front of a chick, you will begin lose control of yoursituation with that chick.

Rule #7. Have a structure and stick to it, no matter what.

Be consistent. This also relates to having a set of rules and sticking to it.

Rule #8. When part of your structure doesn’t work consistently, analyze that

part, figure out why it doesn’t work, and repair just that part.

Don’t replace your whole structure just because one aspect of it doesn’t work right. Fix just that partand keep improving your structure over time.

Rule #9. Be aggressive and direct when initially approaching chicks.

Don’t beat around the bush. Chicks don’t have a clue why you’re there - tell them. Just don’t becrude about it.

Rule #10. Don’t lie, but you don’t have to give them the whole truth, either.

Never lie to a chick - it’s not worth it. The truth is always better and it’s easier to remember. "Thebest lie is the truth."

Rule #11. Be decisive and lead.

Chicks need to be lead. They don’t want an indecisive pussy. Don’t say, "I don’t know… what timeis good for you?" Say "I’ll be there at 6 O’clock. Meet me then." Don’t be afraid to be a little late.They hate it when you’re early and hate you even more when you’re right on time. Make them waita bit. They will respect you. If they disrespect your time, drop them.

The rules are written by man called David X and all credits goes to him.

Stay tuned to the next article where we are going to discuss about break ups and easiest ways to survive those.

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