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How Do You French Kiss - The Real Guide

The first thing that you have to get out of your head is that French kissing is something special and hard to do. The truth could not be further from that.
I've kissed dozens and dozens and dozens of girls (literally!) and I've French kissed each and every one of them. And my first kiss was not so different from the kisses that I get now.

This alone will tell you that it is really easy to be a good kisser. However there are some mistakes that beginners usually do. Some will forget to moisten their lips, some will be too nervous and won't be able to go with the flow, so to speak.

One girl that I once kissed, and I'll never forget that, was only doing one movement while French kissing me. She was turning her tongue in circular motion in one way only and she was doing this for the whole time we were kissing! It was funny and not pleasant at all.

Don't rush it, you have all the time in the world. Start by giving her a few soft kisses without tongue. Then slowly start French kissing her. She will follow your lead and start doing it too.

So one thing that you should avoid while French kissing is to not be monotonous. Try different things, suck her lips and tongue. Bite her gently and smile.
Girls love things like that (to get the whole list of things that women like CLICK HERE).

Another great thing to do is to stop kissing before she does. After a few seconds stop and look at her and smile. The girl always gets more turned on and wants more action. Some will literally start grabbing you and pulling your head.

And don't forget to use your hands. Massage the back of her head or caress her cheeks while kissing. Don't be shy, she likes it as much as you do if not even more!

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