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From Friends to Lovers - A Tactical Guide

The first thing that you have to realize is that attraction can happen in any moment! At one second a girl can feel no attraction for you and at another moment she can feel very attracted to you.

Your goal must be to make a move on her when she is attracted to you. Now this might be easier to say then to actually do, because I know that if you are good friends with a girl, you will be more nervous while doing it.

And if you are nervous she will spot it and lose attraction in an instant!

So you might be a bit scared to make a move because she might reject you and you might ruin your friendship. Or at least that's what you think could happen. In reality you can't ruin friendship by it.

Friendships get ruined after the accident because one of you starts acting weird about it and the other doesn't do anything about it. So for example you could make a move on a girl and she might not be prepared for it. And you'd start thinking about it and become nervous around her. And you would ruin the friendship because of that and not because of the move that you did on her.

A lot of times girls will say that their male friend is okay as a person but that she just doesn't feel anything for him. This happens because of the fact that you've never flirted with her. Because you might have thought that it's not appropriate to do it with girl friends.

So you might be wondering how can you start flirting with her out of the blue sky. Well actually it's pretty easy. All that you have to say is "Oh if we weren't friends I'd hook up with you in a second!" and then change the topic to something else, so that it won't come off as if it's something important.

But don't make the mistake of thinking that this simple statement will go unnoticed. She WILL hear it and she will start to see you as she sees other guys with whom she'd hook up with.

Another thing that sometimes keeps girls not being sexually involved with you is that they are afraid that you'd stop being friends after that. Or that you might see them as being too easy.

So to solve this problem you have to show her that something like that wouldn't have any influence on your current relationship. You might tell her that indirectly how you two are both mature and if something would happen that you'd both be able to deal with it like normal people.

But all of this comes after she already feels attraction for you. And generating attraction can be tricky if you don't know what to do.

Fortunatelly this guy on this website (CLICK HERE to visit it) literally decyphered how attraction works so check out his website to read about it.

So start using these techniques only after you've noticed that she feels some sort of attraction for you and that you are not just "cold friends" but that she really has some feelings for you.

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