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Questions to Ask a Girl on a Date and Find Out What's She Really Like

Knowing what to ask a girl on the date is crucial for different reasons. The first one is that you want to learn as much as you can about her and to find out if she is the right type for you.

Another reason is that if the questions are good enough they will most probably develop in a debate and give you something interesting to talk about.

Before asking anything you should ask yourself what do you really want to know about her. If for example you want a girl who is into sports, then ask questions related to that and try to find commonalities, but at the same time don't be too eager to appear as if you two have something in common.

As a matter of fact, it's sometimes even more attractive to a girl if you disagree with her and give her your honest opinion then if you simply said that you agree with her.

Sometimes you can even just say something like "I really like partying" and let her relate to it, because asking too many questions in a row might look a bit strange and she might think that you are nervous.

Another thing that you should avoid is asking boring interview type questions like "How many siblings do you have?" and "Where exactly do you live?". Questions like that will make the conversation really boring and will make the girl feel less attraction for you.

Now to really make the date interesting you just have to use tips in this package (click here).

Aside from everything your first priority should be to enjoy yourself and letting her enjoy herself too. If this was the only rule that you would always follow, your dating success would sky-rocket from that alone.

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