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So you want to get a girlfriend? And you want to feel this amazing feeling of having someone that really likes you and shares your emotions?

And thinking about it now, I bet that you feel that you really deserve a girlfriend... Imagining just how much fun could you have if you found a perfect match for you... A girl that really liked you.

And I believe that you really deserve a girl. Because at the end... Girls like boys and boys like girls. It really is that simple. And the only thing holding you back from having a lot of success with girls is you.

Yes, you are the only thing that is keeping you from having a girl. Because believe it or not, there are girls that really like you and are just waiting for you to make a move on them.

But because of the way you are thinking now, you aren't noticing their interest and are oblivious to it.

See, our society is telling us that girls have to be "hard to get" and if they aren't then they are usually marked as being sluts. Now even though I don't agree with this, you have to know that this principle is at work.

There are a lot of girls that are interested in you! If you are human you have girls that are attracted to you.

I can already hear some of you scream "But not one girl is interested in me! And I know this for a fact!". But I believe that you couldn't be more wrong.

I have been in contact with numerous guys who were literally desperate and not once has it happened that the guy would be so unattractive that not one girl would like him.

The only problem with us guys is that we overlook signs that girls give us for all too often.

I have known a guy who went out one night and bumped in his old love Lisa from college. The girl he was secretly in love for about a year. And they started chatting and dancing. And they connected on so many levels... They had so much things in common and the attraction between them was amazing.

As the night went on they started holding hands and then they sat and started making out. In between of this another friend of her came up to her to say hello. That was IT! He was there for a few minutes and excused himself.

The next day I spoke with my friend and he started asking me if I think that Lisa liked him.

Now this shocked me big time! I was amazed at how blind was he! He started explaining that he doesn't know if he should call her and started being all emotional how she obviously liked that dude that came to say hello to her.

All he could see was that other guy. He completely ignored the fact that he had this amazing connection with this girl. He absolutely forgot about the fact that he made out with her. He ignored all of that.

Now I know that YOU wouldn't have something like that happen to you, but I wanted to describe how blind can we as guys be when it comes to spotting when girls are attracted to us.

Have you ever had a girl tell you that she was totally into you a few years ago? And it absolutely surprised you?

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Well I had that happen to me twice and I could swear that these girls never showed ANY interest in me. But in fact they did and I wasn't able to spot it and do something about it.

Basically my point is that all you have to do is to start observing a bit better... You have to notice if the girl is "orbiting" around you. If she is looking in your direction just a bit too much. If she is looking away when you look at her... And notice if you get a feeling that she likes you, because the fact is, that if you get the feeling there is a high chance that she actually likes you.

You can even observe her body-language, if she is more open when she is around you. If she is tilting her head in your direction. If her feet are pointing in your direction when she is talking with someone else.

You might think that these are stupid signs, but please realize that this is how women generally show their interest in you.

And when you notice that she is attracted to you, all you have to do is to be cool around her, have fun with her, call her from time to time and set up a date.
It literally is as easy as that. There won't be any resistance because she already likes you and wants to be with you!

You will be doing HER a favour! So go out now and start observing, because there is nothing more that I can do to help you now. It's on you and it's really easy.

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