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Asking a Girl Out - Don't Ever Be Turned Down Again!

A lot of guys put this great importance on asking a girl out. I've been like that too. I was scared to ask a girl out and was afraid to be turned down again. But I've managed to change that by applying these ideas.

One thing that I believe is really important and that helped me a lot is that when you ask a girl out it's not this big event that you will set up. It's not this amazing thing that we will experience together. In fact, I try to make it as casual as possible.

This way the "date" won't be scary to a girl and will let us both to be more relaxed and to enjoy each others company more.
I'll invite a girl to go help me pick a new pair of jeans. And after I'll get them we will go and refresh ourselves with ice cream or something like that.

And I'm sure you can see that if you invite a girl on something like that there is almost no chance that she will turn you down! Why would she? She will see it as something amusing that will happen in her day and will be glad to go with you.

I've learned this great approach from David about one year ago (CLICK HERE to visit his website) who is amazingly successful with women.

While doing this we will be in our little bubble and we will have a lot of things to talk about. There will be no need for the awkward pauses and neither of us will have to to think about what to say. We just went shopping. It doesn't really matter much.

The girl will inevitably notice how pleasant it is to be around me and will try to set up another fun activity like that. The next time I might go bowling with her. This is all fun and with almost no pressure on any of us.

This way you will be able to convey your personalty a lot easier and the girl will be more receptive to your advances.

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