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How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend - The Fool Proof Way!

The big secret with dating is that in most cases you won't ever have to "ask" a girl to date you. Because the mere fact that you two hooked up will mean that you are dating her.

Of course common sense is needed here. I've hooked up with dozens of girls on different occasions and sometimes it's pretty obvious that it was just an one night thing.

Aside from that if you hook up once and you go on a "formal" date in the next few days and hook up again you could bluntly ask her "So are we dating now?" which will make you look confident and at the same time allow her to make up her mind about you two.

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See, asking a girl if she wants to date you is an old approach from a few decades ago. The thing is that it does work sometimes, but only if she already likes you. But in most cases we go on dates to create attraction. So to ask a girl if she would want to date you even before you have hooked up with her, would mean that you are doing the things in the reverse order.

Well sure, sometimes it will work but in very rare cases. At the same time, asking a girl if she wants to date you before hooking up with her will put a lot of pressure on you and you will most probably come off as being nervous which is, by the way, a big turn off for girls.

Basically what you have to do, to have the most chances to actually get the girl, is to first hook up with her and then ask her what does she think of it. This will make it look smooth and will make you have a lot more chances of actually getting the girl then if you just plainly asked her before hooking up.

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