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How to kiss your girlfriend for the first time

The funny thing with kissing is that it's a guys job to do it.

You have to initiate it... And at the same time, if you don't exactly know how to do it, the experience might be a bit confusing because you might be waiting for the girl to kiss you.

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A lot of guys will wait for the perfect moment to kiss a girl. To find that moment where it will just click. And yes, moments like that indeed do happen but the problem with them is that they are out of your control.

Another problem with them is that there in fact is literally dozens of them when you are with your girlfriend. But you aren't able to spot them... This is why it's so important to always initiate the kiss without waiting for it.

Sure, understanding this will help you but what are the "techniques"?

1. tell her to close her eyes and kiss her
2. ask her if she wants you to kiss her
3. tell her to kiss you on your cheek, then kiss her on her cheeks, and after that kiss her on her lips
4. ask her how good of a kisser is she and find it out
5. when she does something cool tell her that she deserved a kiss

There are a few things to keep in mind though... Lick your lips before kissing... Don't stick your tongue out in the first second. Start gently and slowly. Be creative.. Suck her lips... Then stop for a second and look her in her eyes...

But remember, this is not a rocket science.

All you need is a bit of iniciative to do it and it usually flows from then on...

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