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What to do on a Date - 3 Ideas That Will Change Your Dating Now

A lot of guys make a major mistake when they take a girl on a formal date because they form a subtext that they want something for girl and believe me, if the girl doesn't already feel attraction for you, this will just ruin your chances of generating it.

This is why it's better to go on informal meets where you two do casual stuff together and it gives you both a chance to meet each other without any pressure and false expectations.

See, if you go on a drink with a girl the date might be weird at the start because there is this pressure on both of you to keep talking and to show yourselves in the best light. I've seen it for way too many times how couples ruined the what could be a great relationship by going on an awkward first date.

1. Go for something casual

Tell her to join you on a game of pool or bowling. This way there will be almost no pressure on you two and will allow you to fully enjoy the experience. At the same time the setting will be more dynamic and thus a lot more interesting then a formal date.

2. Be playful

Don't try to pull off this serious persona to show her how sophisticated you are. Women are amazing at noticing when are we just being ourselves and when are we acting to be somebody else. Joke with her, bump her with your hips when walking, do a salsa spin with her and do the things that are suggested on this website.

And I have to confess that this is the guy whos advice really helped me to start having amazing success with women.

3. Don't be weird!

This one is the biggest turn off for girls and if you are simply able to avoid being weird or creepy this alone will double your chances with her.

Yes, being too nervous is creepy, trying to kiss her when there is obviously no attraction is creepy too and being too serious and uptight is also weird. Stay away from this kind of behaviour and more girls will like you then you might think.

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