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When To Kiss A Girl And Never Fail At It

This might seem a bit too good to be true, but through years I've found a way to kiss a girl and never fail at it. The technique was given to me by one of my close friends and I've been using it relentlessly since then.

For the last two years I've been mainly using only two techniques for kissing girls.. One of them is described in this post but you can read about another one (and it's unbelievably effective) if you CLICK HERE.

Do you know the feeling when you go for a kiss and the girl moves away? Or the feeling when you want to kiss a girl so much but you just can't find the right moment for doing it?
Well, the times when you were unable to kiss a girl are a black and white past from now on.

This technique is so simple but don't let yourself be fooled by it's simplicity! The best solutions are almost always the most obvious ones.
When I heard it from my friend I said "Okay you have to be joking... This is just too simple." but then he talked me into it and I tried it the very next night.

I had very low expectations but it worked like a charm. I was amazed and tried it again in the next week on a different girl. And it worked again! To this day it has yet to fail me.

So here we go, your first objective with it is to notice when do you get a feeling that you can kiss a girl.

In almost all cases the feeling is right and you can kiss the girl right off that, because the feeling is an unconscious response to your observation of her changed behaviour.

See, your unconscious mind noticed that she wants to be kissed because she started to lean just a bit more in you or maybe her pupils got a bit more dilated (which is a scientifically proven fact).

After you get the feeling that you can kiss her just ask "Do you want to kiss me?" and if her response is "Yes" just go for it, if however her response is "I don't know" respond with "Let's find out" and go for it after that.
Sometimes the girl won't be prepared for a kiss and will say "No" to which you can respond with "Well you look as if you want to" and you won't come off as trying to kiss her.

Now don't plainly believe me that this technique works but go and try it out on at least 5 different girls and decide for yourself if it suits you. It has done wonders for me, I'm sure that it will do so for you too.

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