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Quite some time ago I've seen this guy who was just amazing with girls. Basically every hot girl liked him. And the interesting thing with him was that he wasn't good looking at all.

This is why I started observing guys that were really good with girls but I've totally ignored the fact that some of them were good looking. I learned that the looks have little to do with how attractive are we to girls.

Because if my friend wasn't attracting them with his looks, what else is there? And yes, it's the mind. It's the personality. And this is where a lot of guys make a mistake, when they think that money, good clothes and a great body will attract women all by themselves.

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Why do you think that a lot of millionaires use dating companies to find girls? Why do you think that one of my rich friends with a brand new BMW can't get a girlfriend? Why do you think that some body-builders say that girls are literally afraid of them?

It's because the possessions and looks alone are not enough.

Don't get me wrong, I do believe and I know that these things help. But without a strong and attractive personality to back it up very rare girls will find them attractive. Girls often say that good looking guys who don't have an attractive personalty are "pretty boys without substance".

So the secret to getting successful with women is not becoming a rock star or a body builder but to work on your personality and become confident and comfortable in your own skin. And when you will do that the results will follow instantly.

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Austen Rodger said...

I would say qualities of intelligence, humor, confidence and modesty all mixed in good amounts. Men with these qualities have 100% natural charisma, and they are enough to "enslave" a woman into his arms.