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There are quite a few small secrets that all people who are interesting have in common. Some of these secrets are more obvious than others but they are all equally important in the making of the charismatic personality this person has.

The first secret:

They have ten to twenty interesting, attention sucking, intriguing, funny and usually half made up stories to tell. If you observe one of those charismatic guys you will inevitably notice that they recite the same stories over and over again.

By doing this, they have unconsciously learned how to tell them in a way that the listeners will like them the most. So dig through your past and I'm 100% positive that you will find those interesting stories that we'd all like to hear about!

The second secret of charismatic people:

To be even more interesting, they somehow manage to suck other people in their "reality". Now if you are more interested in how to suck women into your reality check out this site by clicking here.

Basically what they do is to have an unshakable belief in themselves. Usually they are so confident and comfortable in their own skin that they just come off as being interesting by their mere presence.

However, this is a by product of their stories! Believe it or not, the stories they tell every night have a lot to do with their confidence.

As they started narrating them they started observing positive social feedback and thus they started believing that they are interesting. Having the belief that you are interesting will really make a difference.

The last secret of those interesting people are specific attributes of their personality. And somehow a great majority of them are successful with women.

So a few of those attributes are: confidence, playfulness, being able to enjoy themselves, sense of humor and so on... And I'm sure that you can imagine many more others.

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Stephen Datoc said...

Your site makes for some interesting reading and much of what you are saying rings true with me and my 3-year relationship with my girlfriend.

K'Kamonpat said...

oh dear thank you!
It helps!