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How to Make a Girl Love You - 3 Quick Bulletproof Tips

Making a girl love you is in fact a lot easier then you might think. But at the same time it is impossible for a girl to feel the emotion of love if she isn't already attracted to you.

So the first thing you should do is to ask yourself if the girl already likes you and if she is already attracted to you. If she is then continue with the tips, but if she isn't read more articles on my blog since I've already covered this area in some of them.

1. Send mixed signals

Sending mixed signals is so important because it creates a vast variety of emotions connected to you in a very short time. And she will start to think of you more and the emotions will grow stronger and stronger.

So one day you might give her a lot of compliments, another day you would have fun with everyone but her and some other day you'd make this strong connection with her and so on.

To read more about how exactly do you have to use mixed signals CLICK HERE.

2. Make her want more

The simplest way of creating love is to make her more attracted to you then you are to her. This makes her wonder if you like her as much as she likes you and since she is thinking about you even more this starts to make her emotions for you even stronger.

3. Become close friends

By this I mean that you should talk and hang out with her a lot. And not from the place of mind where you are being this pushy dude who is always making her to be with him, but from the place where this is mutual.

Don't call the meetings dates. Just do ordinary stuff. For example you can call her to go help you shop for your new jacket. Becoming close friends will make her realize the commonalities you two have and will eventually make her fall in love with you.

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