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Having a girlfriend can be a dangerous thing. We grow too dependent on our girl for our own happiness, and then if she leave us, we find that we've all of a sudden lost our self-confidence and faith in ourselfs. That results in having issues with meeting other girls,feel sorry for ourselfs, not having sex for many months, until we finally get a new girlfriend again, and... the cycle repeats.

So to break this cycle, we must REMAIN the attractive guy to our girl.

Having girlfriend can make us guys too lazy (since the sex is so easy) and we lose that "I am the prize" mindset. It's important to keep that alpha male mind-set that says, "I am like a Ferrari."

Do Ferrari dealerships crawl to try to get people to like them? Of course not. Rather than that they allow the buyers to come to them. Hell, Ferrari doesn't even advertise. As a man, you should have a similar confident frame of mind if you want to maximise the attraction your girlfriend feels for you.

So, how to keep that mind-set? First and foremost, stay away from chasing your girl like a dog. A base concept which will keep her from ever treating you badly is Punishment and Reward concept.

If a she behaves in a way which you disapprove , punish her by withdrawing your time and focus on something (or someone) else. If she does something you like (such as having sex with you), reward her by giving her more of your time, talking about her feelings, etc.

So every time you do something nice for her, do it because you're rewarding her. And DO reward her good behavior, if you want more of it. Like I said, Punishment and Reward.

Then there's the issue of being a challenge for her.Girls act good when you're a challenge to them.
If they no longer feel like the need to invest their energy to have you, they start to behave bitchy

The solution to remain the attractive, alpha guy in your relationships is threefold:

1. Always be the one who is willing to end the relationship at any time if things wont go your way . Don't threaten her with that, but make it a subtle implication. That way she will always be the one who will invest more into relationship and you.

2. Be willing to focus your time on things other than your girlfriend. Don't reward her for acting badly by continuing to be around her when she does. Always reward her if she behaves in a way you appricate, by spending more time with her and

3. Always allow her to think that's she's just a little bit more interested in you than you are in her. Again, this can be very subtle, but if (for example) you're telling her 10 times a day that you love her, and she's only telling you that twice, then obviously the situation is badly out of whack.

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