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How to Keep Your Girlfriend and Make Her Even More Attracted to You

Sometimes you'll find a girl that will be different from other girls and you really won't want to screw this one up. And to keep her involved with you there is only one thing that you have to do - make her stay attracted to you.

So to keep a woman attracted to you these three tips will help you a lot:

1. Keep it interesting

The day when the dating starts becoming a meaningless routine will be the first day of your relationship fading away. To solve this problem always have some activities that you do with your girlfriend. Don't just go on a drink each day. Do something different. One week go to movies, another on a game of pool, some other day on bowling. Go to the sea together, on bungee jumping (if you like adrenaline) or on a local comedy show.

2. Stay a man

Way too many men stop being a guy that they were when they met their girl. They start becoming overly "nice" to the point that it's not even funny anymore.

See, on the short run the girl loves if you do everything for her and tolerate her mood swings, but in the long run we only respect people who don't tolerate bullshit from us.

How much would you like it if someone laughed at each and every joke of yours? At the start you'd most probably like it but in a while it would just start looking fake to you.

3. Always make her want more from you

We all know that we only feel compelled to chase things that run away from us.

We are attracted to things that we can't have! (read more about this if you CLICK HERE)

Imagine if you'd tie something on a string and put it in front of a cat. At the start the cat might be interested in it but it would quickly loose it's interest. Now if you pulled it just a bit away and continue doing it the cat would go crazy! This is an analogy for how to make women always want more from you (by the way, this technique works on both men and women!).

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Anonymous said...

good advice to be honest.. x