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She was a beautiful woman. And she had the eye of every single man in the room upon her. They all had the same thoughts and the same feelings. And only one man got the luck and fortune to be able to go home with her that night. What makes the difference between a guy that just thinks about walking up to a woman and one that actually does and begins to seduce a woman?
Is it just a matter of confidence? Good looks? Wonderful conversation with a woman?
There are many reasons for this, some more complex than others. And some are more straight forward and pretty obvious.
To be able to seduce a woman, there are certain qualities that you must possess. Here is just a small list:

1. You have to have solid confidence.
Look, it does take a lot to walk up to a beautiful woman, especially one that can captivate the attention of an entire room and basically has her pick for the night. Men do not usually enjoy this luxury and we are the ones that have to deal with the harsh reality of rejection.

2. You have to have a playful nature.
In the movies, the man that seduces women is dark, mysterious, and charming. In real life, think more about being playful in your approach to seduce a woman. Tension is not a good thing unless it is the sexual kind. And to ease any and all tension with a woman, you want to dash in a bit of your playfulness. And if she does so in return, you are good to go.

3. Hold your body language in an appropriate way.
The worst thing that you can do is try and speak with confidence in your voice and allow your body language to tell a different story. There is no question that women are wonderful at picking up on a man's body language cues, and is she senses the wrong ones, you can be sure that it is the end of the road for you.

4. Tantalize a woman with mystery.
The mysterious male is still a powerful source of attraction for a woman. Women are used to men being too available, too predictable, and too flat when they approach. Your approach should evade a cloud of mystery as this will tantalize her and make her heart flutter and her head filled with wonder and it will all be for YOU.

5. Never underestimate the power of touch.
When you are close to a woman and the sexual chemistry is just right, a simple touch in the right place can send shivers of passion throughout her body. You want to be the source of this pleasure for her, and she will thank you for it.

6. Get her to reveal her soft side.
When you can get intimate with a woman and have her reveal her soft side and her vulnerabilities, she will feel connected to you in a way that most men are unable to do. And this will place you at the front of her thoughts and her desires.
The art of seducing a woman may seem like a far fetched idea for you to really take advantage of, but any man can learn how to properly seduce a woman that he has his eyes set upon.
While you may think of seducing a woman as something that is out of your league, there are many surprises about female attraction that most men are unaware of. When these little gems are revealed, the art of seduction can be a very easy thing to maste

Stay tuned, couse this is the beginning of next series of articles,where each trait will be described into details, and how you can teach yourself to posses it ...

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