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Eery day I receive countless questions about kissing and I must tell you that there are many myths and misleading information about kissing.circling around.

Today I am about to uncover few of those which hopefully will provide you with enough of information to become skillful kisser.

1. Most girls are not good kissers

Regardless of their looks!

I have kissed a many of them and all I have to say that great majority of them were pretty lousy kissers.Don't get me wrong here, I love girls but putting your tongue in someone's mouths and spin it around for an hour or so isn't very enjoyable.

So even if you are not the best kisser in the world, there is pretty big possibility that you will be a better kisser than she is.

I guess that is just something we men are better at doing than they are.

2. Your first kiss should be with lips only!

Never use tongue for the first time!Never!

This is where the most guys screw up.

You finally decided that you are going to do it, choose the right moment, go for a kiss and immediately you try to stuck your tongue in her mouth.

It’s not bad scenario but not perfect ether.

Most girls dream that her prince charming on the white horse will come, and give them gentle and romantic kiss on her lips.Just like in ferry tales.

Don't miss this opportunity to set yourself apart from most guys by giving her gentle and sweet kiss on her lips.

Move your back slightly back, look her in the eyes, smile and go again for the lips, just this time try to bite them and stay little longer than the first time.Then you go for a real "French" and give her your tongue.

With that first kiss you tell her that you know how she wants to be kissed and that will score extra points for you

3. it’s not a big deal

Most of the girls will be ready to kiss a guy they like within a couple of minutes or even seconds from the moment they meet him.

Having that in mind don't allow yourself to hesitate and risk to say or do something stupid and lose attraction.

Bear in mind, that she also wants to be kissed, so there are 2 for tango. You are a guy so you have to man up and do it, otherwise there is a slim chance that she will do that step instead of you.

Hopefully this article will help you accelerate your learning curve with closing gaps between you and girl, and improve your kissing skills.

Stay tuned to my next post where I will revel you couple of tactics and methods I use to kiss the girls.

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