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13 Characteristics of Likable People - Part 1

Some time ago I recived the document from the friend of mine about major differences between magnetic and charismatic people that are likable among great majority of population they interact with and the averigde guys.
As you are about to see there is nothing so special about them that you havent see before and there is big possiblity that you too allready possess lots of those.
So if you know you allready do something from the list belllw, stick to it and if there is anything you want to implement in your socilal skills toolbox I suggest you to take a week or two and practice just one thing, after that time go to the next one and the next one untill you master everything you want to know.

Since this article appears to be too long I ve decided to split it in two part.

In this part I ve included 6 characteristics and in the part two you will find out more of the great secrets of charismatic and likable people.

1. Smiling - People who are at ease, confident, and happy tend
to smile, and that smile puts people at ease. Smiling shows that
you're pleased to see someone which can be really flattering. If
you want to change one thing to come across more social, smile a
big smile. Sometimes you will not feel in the mood to smile -
however, if you choose to smile anyway you'll still get the great

2. Eye contact - Maintaining eye contact when you talk to
someone draws them deep into conversation with you - the rest of
the world slows down, and you both become quite important to each
other. It shows a calm confidence in what they are saying and it
makes them even more engaging, almost hypnotic. A quick tip: Right
eye to right eye. Look from your right eye to the right eye of the
person you're talking to. This strikes a great balance between good
eye contact and not staring.

3. Touch - You'll consistently see magnetic people reach out and
touch others. Touching shows emotion and affection and brings you
closer to other people. Humans crave physical contact with others,
and more emotion and affection can be expressed through touch than
any number of words ever could. Next time someone does or says
something you really like, give them a high five, some "pound", a
playful punch on the arm or a big hug.
4. Not talking about yourself - Likable people typically are
more curious to get to know other people and don't talk about
themselves as much. Likable people are always looking to find out
more about the other person, what they are doing, and what
interests them the most. Most people don't feel heard - likable
people know this, and encourage others to talk about what they
really enjoy.

5. Not talking too much - Closely related to the above point.
Likable people and high status people do not talk too much. Instead
they encourage others to talk and to open up. People love to talk
about their experiences and cool things they've done - when you
become more curious and encourage them to speak more, they'll
actually like you more. If you catch yourself rambling for a while,
an easy way to adjust is to say, "But that's enough about me - what
about you?"

6. Empathy - Making people feel understood, and striving to
truly understand them is powerful. Everyone wants to be understood.
People want to know that they are not alone in the world. If you
can reach out to understand another person, you'll instantly form a
great connection with them. Next time someone tells you something
heavy that you could have a long discussion on, instead try saying
just "I understand." You'll be amazed at how uplifting it can make
other people feel.

7. Not trying to impress - Somewhat accomplished people want
everyone to know about the accomplishments they've made. Really
amazing people are much more humble and low key about what they've
done. The most impressive people never actively try to impress
people. The result is that a man trying to impress communicates
that he's not impressive.

Stay tuned and find out the rest of the list which can change your social life dramaticly.

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