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13 Characteristics of Likable People-Part 2

Here is the second part of article about traits of likable people.
Just a quick reminder before we continue, if you find out something that you would like to posess, try to practice it for a week or two and I am sure it will become yours :).

8. Showing praise and appreciation - Whenever you see anything
you like in another person, let them know. If people aren't used to
you opening up, praising, and appreciating constantly, you might
get a funny reaction at first. Once you've established that you're
constantly on the lookout for great things in others, people get
used to feeling empowered around you. When you do mention something
you really like, keep it casual. No big deal, no long talk. Just,
"Hey, I really appreciate that you did that." "I thought that was
really cool how you did that."

9. Never criticizing, ever, for any reason - Likable people
never criticize others. People universally hate criticism, and hate
people that criticize them. Likable people always start off with
genuine praise and appreciation before trying to give constructive
feedback, and will only give this feedback rarely (because likable
people understand that praise is a much better way to help people
change than even constructive feedback, and criticizing is almost
always useless).

10. Not trying to fix other peoples' problems - When someone
tells you they have a problem, but doesn't explicitly ask for your
help, that means they do not want you to tell them how to solve it.
They want to feel understood, cared about, and empowered. Over 90%
of the time, people know the solutions to their own problems. If
someone brings a minor problem to you, try listening, nodding,
letting them know you understand, and you're with them. Tell them
you believe in them and you think they'll sort it out. If they ask
what you'd do, maybe make a quick suggestion but don't drive the
point really hard. As crazy as it sounds, most people do not tell
others about their problems in order to get solutions; they want
understanding, empathy, and reassurance. People are very strong and
quite good at solving their own problems when believed in.

11. Eliminate negativity - Never mentioning anything you don't
like. Especially never being down on culture-wide things outside of
your direct control: So, not complaining about the government, pop
culture, fashions you think are silly, activist groups you disagree
with, and so on. Being positive is really good. Not talking about
things you dislike is even more important.

12. Never complain - When people complain, others feel slightly
less inclined to be around them. It brings people down. If you
don't like something, you have two choices: Take action to fix it,
or accept that it's there. When you realize that, there's no reason
to complain.

13. Never impose weakness on others - Everyone feels down from
time to time. The most charismatic people never "impose" that down
feeling on others; instead, they're a fort of strength for people
around them. The more you stay composed, and refrain from showing
being phased or flustered, the more you gain control over your
life. People start to respect you more, and they feel they can rely
on you.

Stay tuned for more tips

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Anonymous said...

Thats a great article, hope to see more of thise.


headed to nowhere said...

its totally true.. we should be different not rich to get girls..