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Being Confident Dominant Male

Here is quick explanation of what being an Alpha male is all about. If you every watched animal shows on Animal planet,you may realise that many species have a dominant male who mates with all the females in his prime,while other males are waiting for him to die or until he is weak enough for one of them to beat him and become the alpha himself. Majoriti of males never become an alpha male (never get laid).

There is pretty big chanse that you may know a guy who always get girls while most of the guys you appear to know never or very rarely have sex at all. You'll even see women being friends with them, but then have sex with other dude (despite the fact that he is a player, has a lots of women and doesnt respect her at all). The man who gets laid is self confident and behave like an alpha male, while the other guys play the submissive role in a game of mating.

I am telling you to become a confident self centered man man that gets laid and have choice when it comes down having lots of women in your life.
Guy like that is confident that he's going to have sex, because he knows he is a superior male. He belive that people in general want to spent time with him becouse he is attractive,confident and fun to be around so he doesn't run away from conversation and meeting new folks. He does not worry what others may think of him when he's doing his thing.He takes control of a situation with authority and strong confident belive that he is most attractive guy.He knows that he is the one the girls choose to be with,to have sex with,to date, and by accepting this to be the expected result, it's a self fufilling profecy.

OK here is my way of becoming Alpha male....

1st I made a frame of what I believed a Alpha Male should be.And then I applied it to convert my frame of acknowledgment about myself,ie I stepped into my model of the Alpha Male. I took what I belive to be my genetic right. and I did not give a damn about who knew about it.I did not make apologies about it as well.I just excepted it as the natural order of things.That isn't something you do outside but rather an inner change that radiates outwards in everything you do.
And it radiates with confidence,belive in yourself,and strong control of your life,your sexual and emotional power.

Being the dominant male is all about attitude and projecting the image that the woman should prefer to be around you. Being the alpha male is self perpetuating. The more you believe you are the alpha male, the more you become the alpha male."

Jason, Clifford's Seduciton newsletter: "There's an attitude to take with super HB's (and all women really) that is pure gold. The thought is that "INSTINCTUALLY women KNOW their role." The key word here is INSTINCTUALLY. What this means is that on an "instinctual" level women ARE all the same! They get their juices flowing when they are in the presence of a MAN who is living HIS ROLE. MAN is the dominant one, NOT woman. And deep down inside women KNOW this. This has NOTHING to do with being an asshole. This is about being a MAN who is NOT afraid [which doesn't necessarily only have to mean the usual "TARZAN NOT AFRAID!!" macho stuff, but also not being afraid to be honest, sensitive and caring when the time is right].

You have to be the ALPHA MALE!
The one that ownes all the sexual power. Once a female (doesnt matter how attractive she is) realises that and experiences the being of superior man,she acts in a way all woman acts like - they SURRENDER to the more powerful being.

And all that pretending like she's interasted and other "scary" tricks are merely a test and a way to exclude all the guys who are not powerfull as she is than her and do not realise their role as a MAN.

So to help you become condfidend, strong and attractive male I ve decided to put a series of articles within next few weeks where we will go more in depth on what should you behave,talk and carry yourself to come across as a dominant male all girls desire to be with.

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Stay tuned...

Bon Scott

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Tim said...

Its always nice to read guides that imrpoves your confidence and faith in yourself.
Keep up the good work