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What do Women Like in a Man - The Three Traits That Will Make a Huge Difference

Don't get me wrong, not all women like the same qualities in a man but as most people like ice-cream so do most women like these three common personality traits in men.

I've been observing guys who are awesomely successful with girls and they had these three traits in common. The reasons for why are women attracted to men are different, but mainly because they convey masculinity and power.

And if you think about it, women are a lot of times turned off when a man has too many feminine traits.

1. Dominant

A real man is a leader, someone who isn't afraid to make decisions and to follow his own goals. Dominance comes from confidence that you have about yourself. Dominant guys are not afraid to lead because they have almost zero to none fear of rejection.

And if you think that you can't learn how to be dominant check out this site and you'll most probably be amazed by what are you capable of in the terms of success with women.

2. Sexually aware

Men who are connected to their core masculinity aren't afraid of expressing themselves sexually. They don't repress it or hide it. At the same time they aren't making a big deal out of it. It is something that happens naturally.

Women like this because society has conditioned them to be less expressive of their sexual needs. So basically they want you to make a move but can't make it themselves because they might risk being labelled as being easy or slutty.

3. Playful

Because they are so confident they usually don't take themselves too seriously. And because they have so many options with other women they don't take dates too seriously either. For them dates are not something that's rare and special, and this allows them to be totally relaxed and comfortable on them, which allows them to have fun and to be playful.

Now one way of developing these traits would be that you find men who are like that and observe them how do they interact with women. And then find what really works and use it.

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